It’s my great pleasure and honor to stand up erect, as a President of Nepal Orthopedic Association , and moreover as an elected one in our NOA history. This further engulfs me with overwhelming responsibility with immense opportunity & challenges for the next two years for upgrading our Association & betterment of common people of Nepal with quality ,  optimum diagnosis & treatment standards. I became a life member of NOA more than two decades ago, worked as Vice-President in the year 2000 & vigorously worked in the districts a decade establishing Ortho/Trauma Departments keeping in mind to reach poor , less privileged ones in rural remote areas. Again I thank you all for selecting and electing me with genuine belief, faith & trust as an able leader to drive the ‘cruise’ in ‘troubled waters’ spearheading forward towards a goal where common people of this country would be benefitted with any musculoskeletal ailments.