About Us

It’s my great pleasure and honor to stand up erect, as a President of Nepal Orthopedic Association , and moreover as an elected one in our NOA history. This further engulfs me with overwhelming responsibility with immense opportunity & challenges for the next two years for upgrading our Association & betterment of common people of Nepal with quality , optimum diagnosis & treatment standards. I became a life member of NOA more than two decades ago, worked as Vice-President in the year 2000 & vigorously worked in the districts a decade establishing Ortho/Trauma Departments keeping in mind to reach poor , less privileged ones in rural remote areas. Again I thank you all for selecting and electing me with genuine belief, faith & trust as an able leader to drive the ‘cruise’ in ‘troubled waters’ spearheading forward towards a goal where common people of this country would be benefited with any musculoskeletal ailments.
I believe in Academia , Research & Service to the nation. And I thank you heartily for staying back in the nation rather than going abroad for better lucrative life & opportunities. We have stayed behind to serve our nation & people , so let us do it wholeheartedly in the field of Orthopedic & Trauma. I would also like to stress the fact that each & member of NOA from north to south; east to west would be equally benefitted and together work as a TEAM to push NOA and its objectives and goals to a height. Its high time to workout now & be useful to our society, not lack behind to our dedication for our people. We must aim to leaders in South Asia , South-east Asia, Asia and globally. We are small in quantity but can still excel in quality. Today , we are proud our colleagues who established sub specialities like spine & arthroscopy. I personally congratulate them . They are performing great jobs. But we need to go further towards other sub specialities like pediatrics, arthroplasty, shoulder & hand surgery, foot & ankle, pelvic & acetabulum, trauma etc.
Yes ! We continue our bi-monthly clinical meetings , yearly Conferences ( this year we will have our Conference in Nepalgunj & they are already working on it ), Symposiums, seminars, workshops. We need to add some more activities like trainings and fellowship programs for our young surgeons, research grants, news letters. NOA Chapters in the peripheries like Nepalgunj , Pokhara & Chitwan to organize Community outreach programs in their surrounding districts & villages to screen, diagnose & treat poor, unprivileged & neglected ailments in the nook and corners of our country. We have our Scientific Committee & Journal; we need to formulate NOA SOP’s ( standard operating procedures), line of treatment suitable for our country like use of antibiotics, musculoskeletal tuberculosis treatment protocols & protocols for open fractures, infections & osteomyelitis, malignancies etc.. I am also thinking of running our NOA trauma ambulances to cope with devastating road traffic injuries , on -site medical treatments. We need to coordinate & collaborate with other neighbor nations who are willing to work with us – India , China , US, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh and others..
Orthopedic surgery is developing in Nepal and I believe will develop steadfastly in future if we all work closely together as a team without any kind of animosities & rivalries!