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Prof. Dr. Rohit Kumar Pokharel

It has now been twenty-five glorious years for Nepal Orthopaedics Association (NOA) to institutionalize the Orthopaedic services in Nepal. Orthopaedic services started in Nepal in the seventies, but it was only in 1995 that NOA was officially registered in the government and organized its first annual conference that year. That was the time when there were less than twenty orthopaedic surgeons in the country, the number which has now splendidly increased to more than four hundred, and every year 30 – 40 young and energetic orthopaedic surgeons are joining from within the country and abroad. During these 25 years, we have grown not only in numbers, but our service has extended to different parts of the country. Added to this is the development of super specialty in different fields of orthopaedic surgery. We appreciate the hard work of our seniors who initiated this platform for sharing knowledge and skills among colleagues and associates for better care of orthopaedic patients. Start of post-graduate training in the country has been a great achievement in proving quality service, academics and research in the field of orthopaedic science.
Difficult geography of the country and existing infrastructures makes our country prone for trauma. Musculoskeletal infections including tuberculosis are still a great challenge. With increasing life expectancy of our people there is rise in degenerative diseases. Musculoskeletal neoplasm, inflammatory and congenital disorders are also not uncommon. We hereby believe that the country needs more trained orthopaedicians, not only in cities but also in rural areas of the country.
Collaboration with different regional and international organizations/ institutions has not only broadened our knowledge and skills but has opened forum to share our experiences. We feel honored by regular presence of seniors and renowned professors and orthopaedic surgeons from different parts of the world in our conferences and hope that it will be continued in future also. We, therefore, would like to continue collaborating with orthopaedic associations of different countries, regionally and globally.
Thank You

Rohit Pokharel
Nepal Orthopaedics Association


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