Association of Spine Surgeons of Nepal (ASSN)

The need to bring all surgeons who are practicing spine surgery in Nepal to a common forum, led us to form the Association of Spine Surgeons of Nepal (ASSN). After much discussions and consultations with all flag bearers of Nepal Orthopaedic Association the official inauguration of ASSN was done on July 13, 2012.

Prof. Praveen Mishra, Health Secretary, Government of Nepal, was the chief guest for the occasion. All the dignitaries felt that the time has come for super specialty in all fields of orthpaedic surgery was the need of the hour and congratulated ASSN for being the first to head in this direction. Prof. LL Shah and Prof AR Bajracharya, our two national patrons shared their experiences and difficulties in starting spine surgery in Nepal and was a great inspiration for all our junior colleagues.

The following are the founding office bearers of ASSN:
  • President –Dr. Rohit K Pokharel
  • Vice President –Dr. Ganesh Gurung
  • General Secretary –Dr. Rabindra L Pradhan
  • Treasurer – Dr. Bimal K Pandey
  • Jt. Secretary –Dr. Byapak Paudel
  • Dr. Babu Kaji Shrestha
  • Dr. Dipak Shrestha
  • Dr. Suraj Bajracharya
  • Dr. Binod Bijukache
International Patrons
  • Prof. Kuniyoshi Abumi – Hokkaido, Japan
  • Dr. Harvinder S Chhabra – New Delhi, India
National Patrons
  • Prof. Lakhan L Shah
  • Prof. Ashok R Bajracharya
National Advisors
  • Prof. Bachchu R K.C.
  • Dr. Saroj K Shrestha
  • Prof. Ramesh P Singh


Prof. Dr. Rabindra Lal Pradhan


Prof. Dr. Ganesh Gurung

Imm. Past President

Dr. Bimal Kumar Pandey


Dr. Binod Bijukachhe

General Secretary

Dr. Byapak Paudel


Dr. Gaurav Raj Dhakal

Joint Secretary

Dr. Gopesh Thakur


Dr. Kiran Gurung


Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary


Dr. Prashant Adhikari


ASSN Activites